Research Grants



  1. “Automation of Bank Checque Recognition Using Artificial Intelligent Technique” IRPA Vot 74163, RM99,000.00, 2003-2005

2. “Design and Development of Intelligent Easy Home/Office System’s approved grant: IRPA Vot 74256, RM191,000.00, 2004-2006.

3. “Design of Fault Diagnostic Engine for Power Transformer Using Data Mining” IRPA EAR, Vot 74286, RM89,000.00, 2005-2007


4. “A New Algorithm for Classification of PCB Defects Based on Image Processing” FRGS Vot 78226, RM94,000. 2007-2009.

5. “Fault Diagnosis for Thermal Level Process Plant using Fuzzy Modelling”. FRGS Vot 78622, RM40,000. 2010-2012.

6. A Study on Adaptive Control Strategies for Infiltration Process in Fibrous-capillary System for Precision Water-saving Agriculture, FRGS R. J130000.7823.4F759,                       RM104,200,  2 Nov 2015 -1 Mei 2018


7. "A Study On Infiltration Phenomenon in Fibrous-Soil Irrigation System for Water Saving Agriculture". UTM Tier 1, Q. J130000.2523.09H74, RM 49,200, 1 May 2015 - 31             Oct  2016

8. Field Monitoring And Automation Using Iot In Water Saving Rock Melon Cultivation GUP Tier 1 Q.J130000.2523.19H29, RM45,000. 1 Feb 2018 - 31 July 2019


9. Optimization of High Temperature Pasteurize and Packaging Process for Higher Volume Sup Merah Paste Production. PPRN R.J130000.7823.4L178, RM46,000. 1Jan -           30  June 2016


10. Investigation of an Optimized Multi Objective Navigation Planning For Greenhouse Mobile Robot in Selective Pesticide Spraying Operation. FRGS 1/2019. (In review)

11. Climate-Smart Irrigation System for Precision Water Saving Agriculture. PRGS 2/2019. (In review)

12. Navigation Design For Autonomous Pesticiding Robot In Greenhouse Application. Proposal for UTM-MARii Satellite Lab project (In review)

13. Real Time Climate-Smart Irrigation Management System for Precision. PRGS 1/2019. (Resubmitted)

14. IOT Based Climate-Smart Farming Irrigation Management System for Water Saving Agriculture. 2019 Proposal ICT Virtual Organization of         ASEAN                     Institutes and NICT (ASEAN IVO). (Resubmited)



1. “Refinement of the Vision System Development Platform (VSDP) for Commercialization and Its Application” Technofund Vot 79901, 2007- 2010

2. “Syariah Compliance – Chicken Processing Machine” Technofund Vot. RM1,000,000 2010-2012. Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)


3. “DNA Sequence for Design for DNA Computing with Length and Taqman Constrains” EScience Fund Vot 79034, 2007-2009.

4. Optimal Energy-Efficient Control for Positioning and Sway Control of a Gantry Crane. R. J130000.7923.4S103. MOSTI Science Fund. RM100,840. 1/3/2014-29/2/2016


5. “Development of Real-Time Control Software for Table-top Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine” Technology Park Malaysia industrial funding and collaboration.             RM48, 000. Vote: J130000.7308.4B105. 1/7/2013-30/6/2014

GUP Flagship

6. Web Based Syariah Compliance Chicken Slaughtering Process for Online Monitoring and Enforcement. Q. K130000.2443.01G55. UTM GUP Flagship. RM100,000.                 1/4/2014-31/8/2015

GUP Tier1

7. Design and Implementation of a Nonlinear System Identification of a Two Wheel Inverted Pendulum. Q. J130000.2523.05H40. Tier1. RM82,000. 1/4/2014-31/3/2016

8. Enhancement of Automated PV/Battery System for Rock Melon Fertigation Plant. Q. J130000.2523.18H08. Tier1. RM40,000 1/7/2017 -30/6/2019.

9. Intelligent PID Control Design for Autonomous Quadrotor Helicopter Subjected to Wind-Gust Disturbance. Q. J130000.2523.15H39. Tier1. RM40,000 1/10/2016 –                     30/9/2018

10. An Experimental Study On the Use of Two-Stage Minimum Average Correlation Energy Filters for Pose Estimation and Face Recognition in Pose-Invariant Face                         Recognition. Tier 2, Q. J130000.2623.15j05, RM20,000. 1/2/ 2018-30/4/2019

11. Interoperability Human Empowering Relief Operations Electronics System (IHeroes). Q. J130000.2523.17H42, RM26,000. 1/7/2017 – 30/6/2018

12. The Study of Soil Moisture Sensing In Rock Melon Cultivation System Under Semi closed Greenhouse, Tier 1, 1/7/2017-30/6/2019 RM 40,000

13. Real Time Mobile GPS for A Bus Tracking System. Q. J130000.2523.13H86, RM50,000. 1/7/2016 – 30/6/2018

14. Teknologi Inovasi Untuk Memetik Buah Mata Kucing Yang Selamat Dan Mudah. S.J130000.0823.4Y052. BE, RM5000. 1/10/2016-31/12/2016