Research Activities

To all of my students, thank you for your contribution and endless support to our  ACHIEVEMENTS !!!!!

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Throwback to my first achievement in Robotics and Newspaper debut   (1998)

Research Contribution to Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Latest update on our Nougyo Robot (Autonomous Agribot)   -  FULLY AUTONOMOUS !!!!

YouTube Video

Visit  from Starlite Sdn Bhd.

Received a visit from Hong Kong based company regarding research in SKE including the Underwater Tank Cleaning Robot. 

Underwater Tank Cleaning Robot Demonstration UTM-MYDA to SAJ Ranhill

We test our Underwater Tank Cleaning Robot at one of the Syarikat Air Johor (SAJ) water storage tank in Johor Bahru. In order to get a better understanding of the system. We test the robot with an UROV to inspect condition inside the tank while the robot cleaning it.  The result was outstanding because the system is stable and the cleanliness of the tank can be seen on live footage before and after the cleaning process..

Dr. Shukri Water Tank Cleaning Robot

Students Visit from Institut Universitaire De Technologie De Saint-Malo, FRANCE

Students from one of France engineering universities visit our Agritech Lab to study about the concept of urban farming. Autonomous robot were shown and demo. Post graduate student Dr Saiful Azimi and Abioye Abiodun Emmanuel and me were interviewed by the students. The students were in their 2 months attachments here in UTM, Skudai.

Visit from Komuniti Pertanian Bandar - Perbadanan Putrajaya

Invitation from Malaysia Technology Development Corporation

We were invited by Malaysia Technology Development Corporation under their MTDC Robot Accelerator Programme to showcase our Underwater Tank Cleaning Robot. We explained our project to the CEO of MTDC.

MTDC Video

ROBOCON MALAYSIA 2018 Competition in UNITEN.     (Robot Check Team led by Dr. Shukri)

The ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ABU Robocon) is an Asian Oceania College robot competition, founded in 2002 by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. In the competition robots compete to complete a task within a set period of time. The event is broadcast in many countries through ABU member broadcasters. I am one of the secretariat for the TECHNICAL team. Leader for the 'ROBOT CHECK' team. All participating robots which are auto and manual in ROBOCON MALAYSIA 2018 will be inspected by 'ROBOT CHECK' before entering the game field for the match. Robot Check team lead by Dr Mohamad Shukri Zainal Abidin. The team members are  Haziq Danial, M. Qamarul Ariffin, Noraide, Aminurrashid, M. Saiful Azimi, M. Khairie Idham, Hazriq Izzuan, M. Zamir, Saifulnizam, Noor Haniz Izzudin, M. Adli Faisal Hazim, M. Nasrullah, M. Nor Sabrie

Site visit to VIETNAM ROBOCON 2018 Organizer 

Disscussion for ROBOCON MALAYSIA 2018 were conducted in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Disscussion and observation regarding ROBOCON gamefield that has to bulit in Dewan Seri Sarjana, UNITEN. Particularly observed was the size, color, material that being used for the international level ABU ROBOCON 2018 in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. The floor were basically made up from wood and the the walls is iron. Information were recorded and various of decisions were made. The member of the team that were in the trip were Dr. Mohamad Shukri Bin Zainal Abidin, Prof. Madya Dr. Abdul Rashid Bin Husain, Dr. Mohamad Hafis Izran Bin Ishak, Prof. Madya Dr. Mohamad Noh Bin Ahmad @ Mohd Sanif, Mohamad Nasrullah Bin Mohamad Shukri.

New Product RELEASE !!!

We have released our newly and fresh vegetables . Completely toxic free due to our advance agricultural engineering watering systems. Straight from our Smart Urban farming Plantation Greenhouse. Yes, it is green, fresh and most importantly it is extremely delicious ! Go and grab some of our green mustard vegetables or in Malay we called it as "Sayur SAWI HIJAU". As reference the scientific name is Brassica parachinensis

The ROCKMELON fruit has matured ?

Today we have release one of our finest product which is the ROCKMELON. This fruit is originated from our highly controlled and remotely monitored farm at 'Agrotani UTM' in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The sweetness and juiciness of the ROCKMELON is our top speciality in developing and nurturing the fruit. Amazingly, this is the SEVENTH harvest time since our first batch of ROCKMELON plantation. Absolutely toxic free and safe. It will certainly satisfy your taste buds. (^_^). As reference ROCKMELON fruit also called as 'Cantaloupe' in some regions.

How to Sow Rock Melon Seeds    -      OUR KNOWLEDGE  SHARING FOR THE COMMUNITY 
                                                                                      (Currently 1.9k viewers)

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How to Transplant Rockmelon Seedlings    -      OUR KNOWLEDGE  SHARING FOR THE COMMUNITY

How to Transplant RockMelon Seedlings


Introducing our newly Semi-Autonomous Agriculture Robot

This robot is named YasaiBot . It will be really useful and easily be commercialized in agriculture farm. The specialty of this high tech robot that it will assist the farmers to water their crops and plants. The farmers will only control YasaiBot from far away or even on their sofa at home. It is equipped with controller and screen to allow the farmers to view live actions and updates from the robot that were assigned to complete the task. Many future upgrades and modification will be done and release in the near future.

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Demonstration of our YasaiBot at 'Road To Agro Tourism'  in Putrajaya.

Today we demonstrated our highly tech agriculture robot at Putrajaya Presint 9 in conjunction of Putrajaya Road to Agro Tourism program. The program were joined by the VIPs, local residences, press, bloggers and students from nearby schools. We could proudly said that our robot performed well and have encourage many farmers and students to apply engineering knowledge in agricultural fields. YasaiBot has accomplished several task that was given out during the demonstration in the modern farm in Putrajaya.

Demonstration of Agriculture Robot and Smart Irrigation Systems  to Student from Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan for UTM Summer School

The demonstration were conducted at Agrotani UTM in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Three Robots were demonstrated the 'Rhino' , 'YasaiBot' and 'Yokubo'. The automatic internet plant monitoring systems also been exhibited during the demonstration. The Japanese students were very participated during the discussions and there were Q & A between the students and the explainers. Our student facilatators were Dr. M. Saiful Azimi, Khairie Idham, M. Hazwan, Zakarya and M. Nasrullah.

Our Water Saving Fertigation Systems is out on TV1 'Selamat Pagi Malaysia' and 'Utusan Malaysia' newspaper.

Our exclusive Water Saving Fertigation Systems was out live on TV1 'Selamat Pagi Malaysia' on 16 March 2017. The documentary was shoot at our Intelligence Farm at Agrotani UTM. The system was also published in Utusan Malaysia in 'Mega' sections. We have explained our research concepts and theories in the video. The research is lead by Dr. Mohamad Shukri Bin Zainal Abidin. Don't forget to watch the documentary and leave a like. (^_^)

As reference the video link is

YouTube Video

Our Pasteurize and Packaging Machine is out live on Astro Awani.

Our Paste Packaging Machine were broadcast on Astro Awani News channel. This is one of extroadinary success in doing industrial level of collaboration with food processing industries in fulfilling their production demands. Research is lead by Dr. Mohamad Shukri bin Zainal Abidin. Do not forget to watch the video and drop a like.

YouTube Video

We have released our new innovation technology with collaboration with Industri Kecil dan Sederhana (IKS).

We have collaborated with IKS which is small and medium industries to develop a Paste Packaging Machine. The IKS industries that we have collaborated with is Norelle Sdn Bhd. It consists of two in one machine which is pasteurizer and packager. Both of the machine were combined to create a super easy to use Paste Packaging Machine. The product was invented in only six period. It has assisted the company to boost its paste production to maximum level.

Introducing our first Agriculture Robot

Rhino is one of our finest robot that is designed for soil moisture and pH level checking. It is equipped with one 360 degree movable arm that can be attach with any kind of sensors in future developments. Currently remote controlled by joystick that is really user friendly. Most interesting part and yet the important part is the 360 degree Ip camera. The user can view and even record real time video from their robot straight to their tablets, smartphones and computers. This can ensure that future farmers that uses this technology can monitor their farm even on their bed at home with ease.

We have started our research in Agricultural System field.

We have started planting 'Tomatoes' in our highly advance smart farm. We start our research with tomatoes due to their mature and stability of producing fruits is really convincing. Tomatoes has high amount of nutrient and also good for health. It also considered as fruits in some regions rather than vegetables if it is in our country.

Building our own Research Greenhouse in Agrotani UTM

The greenhouse that has been installed is not typical greenhouses. It is designed by Dr. Mohamad Shukri bin Zainal Abidin himself to comply the specifications for 'Future Agriculture Smart Urban Farming'. This smart garden will be considered our research facilities and test area for future development of our IOT Systems and Agriculture Robotics in accordance with government industrial revolution program 'Industry 4.0'.

Designing a Capillary Based Water Supply Systems for the best Water Saving Irrigation Systems

Design is the most important part in water irrigation systems. With best design we can transport and retain as much water as possible. In this research we are determining the best design that is suitable for all types of plant in agriculture field. Many experiments have been conducted. Many prototypes also have been developed in this experiments.

Consultation for MYDA Safety for the Underwater Tank Cleaning Robot

MYDA RISK & SAFETY SDN BHD was conceived in September 2011 as an enterprise, serving clients mainly with tank cleaning and it’s maintenance. I have consulted the company in order to design a robot for underwater tank cleaning. The base of the company and test sites is in Kuala Lumpur. Most of the demonstration were done in Syabas water tank. Research for development of the robot were most basically done in UTM, Skudai.

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Visit from ASEAN IVO members to UTM Agritech Research site.

“ICT Virtual Organization of ASEAN Institutes and NICT (ASEAN IVO)” is a global alliance of ICT R&D institutes and universities in the ASEAN region and Japan. The initial idea was mentioned at the first Round Table, “International Round table on ICT R&D Collaboration in the ASEAN Region” held in 2013, and a proposal to establish the Organization was given and approved in the second Round Table, “ASEAN-NICT ICT Round Table 2015” . They came to UTM Agritech Research that have implemented IoT systems in agricultural field. Most NICT representatives to the Research site were from JAPAN.


Visit from RTC and IRDA JOHOR to Urban Farming Research Site.

IIskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) is a Malaysian Federal Government statutory body tasked with the objective of regulating and driving various stakeholders in both public and private sector towards realizing the vision of developing Iskandar Malaysia into a strong and sustainable metropolis along the international standing.  Urban farming will become one of their target trust.

Robot for Determining Ripe Fruit is released and has been publish in newspaper..!!!

The robot will determine the fruit that has been ripe on the plant and collect it. The intelligence of the robot of choosing the right fruit depends on many factors. Whether it is the fruit color, softness, smell and etc. The robot is still in prototype version. However the complete version of the robot will be develop and be release in the near future. The robot will autonomously collect the ripe fruits and bring it to the user. This will significantly reduce the time of the farmer to go and collect their fruits during harvesting period.

  Development of Ducting Robot for Underground Optical Fiber Ducting Inspection.

This robot is slightly special compare to other robots. This robot is specialized for undergoing inspection for fiber optics cable tube. It is designed to fit and durable to undergo complicated procedures. It contains camera, LED and sensors that provide live feedback to the user that controlling the robot. The systems that has been developed for the Duct Robot is user friendly and will certify the user. The prototype its built from only 3D printers, the actual design is in development.