List of Students

Ph.D Students

 Year       No.  Name Status Title Roles of Supervisions
 2019 6Umar Zangina  On GoingImplementation of Control Techniques for Differential Drive Mobile Robots: A LoRa Approach in Agriculture Co - Supervisor 
 2019 5  Hameedah Saib Hassan On Going Free Range Routing of Automated Guide Vehicle for Flexible Manufacturing Using Local Positioning System Main Supervisor
 2019 4 Abioye, Abiodun EmmanuelOn Going  IOT Based Model Predictive Control Algorithm for Precision Irrigation Main Supervisor
 2019 3 Mohd Saiful Azimi Bin Mahmud Graduated Multi-Objective Nagivation Planning for Agricultural Mobile Robot Main Supervisor 
 2019 2 Amirah `Aisha Binti Badrul Hisham.  Graduated Quantification Of Human Operator Skill To Follow A Reference Line In A Driving Simulator Co- Supervisor
 2017 1 Auwalu Muhammad Abdullahi Graduated Adaptive Command Shaping With Integral Sliding Mode For Control of a 3d Crane System Co - Supervisor

M.Sc. Students      

 YearNo. Name  StatusTitle     Type  Roles of Supervisor
2019  Mohamad Yahya Samsudin On GoingNavigation of Agriculture Robot Using Sensor Fusion for Accurate Path Follower Taught Course Main Supervisor 
2019  Muhammad Shahrul Azwan Bin Ramli GraduatedGas Distribution Mapping And Modeling Using Mobile Robot Research Main Supervisor 
 2019 6Mohamad Khairie Idham bin Abdul Rahman Graduated Adaptive Control of Fibrouse based Capillary Irrigation System Research Main Supervisor 
2019  Siti Sarah Binti Aimi GraduatedBus Arrival Time Prediction Using Simple Exponential Smoothing And Holt And Winters Method  ResearchCo-Supervisor 
2018  4Zakarya Mohammed Motea.  Graduated Empirical Modeling and Control of Quad Rotor Robot Taught Course Main Supervisor 
 2016 Mohammad Shafiq Bin Mohammad Ashraf Graduated Modeling Simulation and Control of Quad Rotor Robot Taught CourseMain Supervisor 
 2017 Nurhayati Binti Baharuddin  Graduated Modeling Simulation and Control of DWR 1.0 – A two Wheeled Mobile Robot Taught CourseMain Supervisor 
2010 Zaid S. Ahmad.  GraduateDynamic Control of A Biped Robot using Fuzzy Control. Taught Course  Co-Supervisor

B.Sc. Students  

1.    M. Nazri Mat Lazim (2003). Design and Development of Animal Structured Biped Robot. 

2.    Norjana Kormin (2003)Pengawal Mikro Untuk Robot Memanjat Dinding. 

3.    M Badril Md Shah. (2003). Target Follower Robot. 

4.    Harlina Jamal. (2003). Intelligent Fault Diagnostic System for Squirrel Cage Induction Motor.  

5.    Ang Kai Weh (2003). Teleoperated Mobile Robot.

6.    Lee Huay Seen (2003). Virtual Graphic user Interface for Mobile Robot. 

7.    Song Sai Moon (2003).  A Computer Mouse Which Recognize And Respond To Frustration. 

8.    Jaafar Taib (2003).  Design and Development of Distributed I/O Modules using PIC16F84 Microcontroller via RS485 network. 

9.    Azizi Abdullah (2004). Addressable RF remote control for Multiple Device.  

10.   The Kian Sek (2004). GPS Based Mobile Robot Navigation. 

11.   Nizam Tumijan ( 2004)Rekabentuk dan Kawalan Lif Mini Menggunakan Pengawal Terbenam 68HC11E1. 

12.   M. Faisal A. Waduth (2004).Design and Development of ROBOC-UTM1 Main controller using MC68HC11. 

13.   Wan Shariman W. Mat Zain (2004). Development of Target Invader Mobile Robot. 

14. Ezdiani Idayu Kadir (2005)Design and  Development of Interactive Telephone Based Remote control And Alarm System using 68HC11E2. 

15. Abdullah Fahim Ibrahim Yim (2005). Modeling and Simulation of Induction Motor using Matlab/Simulink for Fault Analysis. 

16. Lee Heng Seng (2005). Design and Development of Embedded Master Controller and Remote I/O modules. 

17. Khoo Lay Hock (2005). Intelligent and Smart Home Automation System.  

18. Ng Wei Gee (2005)Universal Infra Red Remote Control Learner and Controller.

19. Chua Teck Wee (2005). Face Tracking and Multiple Face Tracking System. 

20. M Nor Apin (2005). Development of Interactive Telephone Based Remote Control Using MC68HC11E1. 

21. Aimee Adnan (2006). Development of Application Environment for DSTINIm400 Ethernet Controller Using Java. 

22. M Amri Zainal (2006). Mobile Robot Navigation Using Global  Vision System. 

23. M. Zakiran Zainal Abidin (2006). Redesigning An Interactive Telephone Based Remote Control and Alarm System. 

24. Ilmi M. Arif (2006). Design and Development of Soccer Team Mobile Robot. 

25. Kong Wai Weng (2006). The Enhancement of Quad Rotor Flying Robot for Aerial Surveilance Operation. 

26. Ooi Kooi Hoon (2006)Development of Home Automation System Using Neural Network. 

27. Ong Yin Chee (2006)Design and Development of Two Wheel Balancing Robot. 

28. M Sinar Zaki Mokhsen (2006). Enhancement Of Master And Slave I/O Controller Module. 

29. Wong Weng Wai (2006). Development of Auto Variable Temperature Testing System for Intel Microprocessor.  

30. Wong Kwong Fung (2007). Biped Brat Robot. 

31. Chee Der Wai (2007). Development of Smart Home Security System. 

32. M Iqbal b. Che Lasin (2007). Autonomous Robotic Mower. 

33. Wong Yean Yee (2007). Development of a Traffic Light Control of A Multi Junction Simulator Using Fuzzy Logic Controller. 

34. Zaidah Salleh (2007). Kicker Robot Soccer Player.

35. Modelling Of Induction Machine Using Matlab Simullink. Tai Wen Jiek (2007)

36. Tan Teck Han (2007). Modelling Simulation and Control of Two Wheeled Balancing Robot. 

37. Nor Aziah Mohd Azubair (2008). Block Oriented GUI Based Programming Software. 

38. Lynn Wong Jin Su (2008). A Biological Inspired Cricket Robot. 

39. Chew Sei Hwa (2008)Web Based Embedded Controller for Home Automation System. 

40. Lim Tian Siak (2008). Biobot-Biological Inspired Pet Robot. 

41. M Azlan Wahidin (2008). Smart Controller for Access control System. 

42. Hamidah Yusuf. (2008). Vision System for Mobile Robot. 

43. Alfred Lim Kok Keong (2009). Object Recognition Using Surf . 

44. Ang Kah Wei (2009). Human Motion Detection Using Image Processing Technique. 

45. M Syahid Yasin (2009). Wall Following Mobile Robot.

46. Chiew Ting Wang (2009). Irridology Bio Scanning System. 

47. Wan Ahmad Fadli Wan Ghafar (2009). Smart Card System  Database Using Windows. 

48. M. Fazman M. Yunus (2010). Design and Development of Solar Tracking System. 

49. Cheong Zee Swee (2010). Virtual Path Planning Model for  Mobil Robot Navigation. 

50. Tuan M. Mustaqim Tuan Mohd (2010). 3 Axis Mobile Robot Manipulator. 

51. Tan Ai Heong (2010). Vision Based Lane Following Robot. Tan Ai Heong (2010)

52. Cheong Zee Swee (2010). Path Planning Mobile Robot. 

53. M Syakir Farhan Abdullah (2010). Computer Vision Mobile Robot. 

54. MOHD SAIFUL AZIMI BIN MAHMUD. Development of Autonomous Crop Inspection Mobile Robot System - Mobile manipulator (2014)

55. MOHD FARHAN HAKEEM BIN ISMAIL.  - High Temperature Pasteurize and Packaging Machine for Sup Merah Paste Production  (2014)

56. SALWA BINTI MOHSIN. Capillary Irrigation Management System for Water-saving Agriculture (2014)

57. AHMAD SAFWAN BIN ZAINAL ABIDIN (2016) Development of an Autonomous Crop Inspection Mobile Robot Using Embedded OpenCV    Library.

58. SYAHMI AFIQ AQMAL BIN AINI (2016). Design and Control of A New Fibrous- Capillary Irrigation Interface for Water Saving Agriculture.

59. MUHAMMAD AFIF AIZAT BIN SIRAT (2017). Monitoring System for Main Circuit Breaker Using Short Message System for Substation.

60. MERVIN VOON TIEN LOONG (2018). Hybrid Energy Harvester for LED Street Light.

61. IHSAN BIN BOYADI (2018). Smart Energy Meter Reading.

62. FAIZ FAKHRUDDIN BIN ABDUL RAHIM (2019). All Terrain Mobile Platform for Agricultural Application

63. PUTERI NURDINI BINTI MEGAT ABDUL HALIM (2019). Light Tracking Navigation System for Agricultural Mobile Robot Using Embedded OpenCV

64. MUZAIN BIN HASHIM (2019). IOT Based Irrigation Controller for High Water Saving

65. MOHD ISMAN PARMON (2019). Design and Development of An Automated Seedling and Storage System

66. MOHD ZULFADLI BIN OTHMAN (2019). Integration of Visual Inspection System for Surface Printing Quality