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Welcome to our  research lab.

Welcome to Agricultural System Engineering Research Lab

Main research interests are: Intelligent Control System, Intelligent Fault Diagnostic, Mechatronic System, Mobile Robot, Precision Agriculture

Currently research focuses on :   Water Saving System for Precision Agriculture.


 Educations History

B.s.c Electrical Engineering (Mechatronics), Faculty  of Electrical Engineering,

 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia ( 1998 )

M.s.c Elecrical Engineering (Research Based), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia ( 2001 )

Ph.D. Agriculture Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture

              Tokyo University of Agriculture and Engineering, Japan ( 2014 )       


Dr Shukri Research Video

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Contact Info

Dr. Mohamad Shukri Bin Zainal Abidin

Email 1: shukri@utm.my

Email 2: shukri75@yahoo.com

Websites : shukri.fke.utm.my

Phone : (+6) 07-555-7184 (O)

Fax        : (+6) 07-556-6272

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